This page contains resources that I personally use for all my online businesss opportunities. These resources have helped me in my online journey and I highly recommend these to affiliate marketers. I hope you find these information useful. To your success!

All-In-One Lead Generation System

LeadsLeap is the platform I use for all of my list building and email marketing. Ever since I become a member, I was using LeadsLeap every single day to build my online business. What great about LeadsLeap is that you can access to almost every single feature that this system has to offer for just being a free member. What I love most is that with just a small monthly fee of $27, I can build unlimited landing page, subscribers and lists and because of having this All-In-One lead generation system, I have stop paying for all my other auto-responder and email marketing system [this is where the cost saving kicks-in]. So far, I don’t find any other similar platform that offer so much with just a small monthly fees. To add a little bit of juice to it, you can build complete sales funnels, landing pages, pop-up forms, send broadcast and many more. Basically, almost everything you need to create a successful online business can be found in your FREE membership. Give LeadsLeap a try, it’s free anyway. Join LeadsLeap here

Massive Traffic Source

Herculist Plus is one of the oldest and largest traffic sites, having over 160,000 members now [and growing]. Just being a free member [plus free $5 sign-up bonus], you are able to advertise to over 1,000 random members using the Ad-Mailer everyday. As a Gold Member with just a one time payment of $49, It allows me to blast my email out to over 160,000 members everyday! And what I like about being a Gold member is that the surfing time to earn credit is only 5 seconds as compared to 20 seconds for a free member. With the credit that I’ve earned, I use most of it to promote my offer using Hercublurb. Join HerculistPlus Now to take advantage of the 1,000 Free Ad-Mailer Everyday!

Best Link Tracking & Cloaking

These two link trakers work best for me and I highly recommend these to you. Both are reputable and used by thousands of affiliate marketers.


If you are looking for a free link tracker providing detailed & insightful analytics plus cloaking, I highly recommend LeadsLeap because the insight information that you get from the analytics will help you to decide, modify and re-strategize how you want promote your offer to get a high conversion. I have personally use this for many years now and still continue using it because of the valuable insight that the tracker provides. Try using LeadsLeap, it’s free anyway.


For more advanced link tracking of your entire funnel and intelligent split testing, I highly recommend ClickMagick. They offer a free 14-day trial.

Best Link Rotator

There are two great options I recommend for link rotator. I use both of these rotators to rotate my affiliate links as well as my referrals affiliate links. Both are free to use and used by thousands of affiliate marketers.


Leadsleap link rotator allows you to rotator your tracking links and your landing pages into one rotator for free. Not only it allows you to add unlimited links to the rotator you also get to decide on the weightage of each If you want a free link rotator tracker providing insightful analytics and cloaking, I highly suggest LeadsLeap because I’ve been using them for many years.


TopDogsRotator is a FREE link rotator that I use a lot to rotate my referrals affiliiate links for some of the business opportunities like EasyCash4Ads. this site offer free traffic to its member be it a free member or an upgraded member. Because of the massive traffic sources and unlimited advertisement using the micro-ads, I decided to go for a lifetime membership for a small one time investment of $47. Join TopDogsRotator.

Keyword Research Tool

If you are an Affiliate Marketer, Jaaxy is a must to have. I use Jaaxy a lot in my keyword research. What’s great about this tool is that it’s so user friendly to use even a newbie can understand how to use it seconds plus you can save you keyword in various lists. This tool is developed by for affiliate marketers. It’s also free to sign up without having to give out your credit cards and get 30 free searches. Sign up for Jaaxy


If you are a youtuber or someone that uses YouTube video to promote your online business opportunities, then TubeBuddy is a must-have tool. TubeBuddy is a FREE browser extension & mobile app that integrates directly into YouTube to help you run your channel with ease. As a YouTuber myself, I use it to you find high-performing, searchable video topics, and then craft the perfect titles and tags. I don’t find other similar tool like this in the market and I highly recommend for anyone who uses YouTube video to create content to take a serious look into TubeBuddy for the best seo tool and optimization of your YouTube channels. Open a free account with TubeBuddy.

Affiliate Disclaimer

I earn commission by participating in affiliate programs. Some of the links on this blog or page (and also those in the email newsletters) earn affiliate commissions. Keep in mind that I may receive commissions when you purchase a product that I link to. Anytime you see a link on this blog or page, please assume they are affiliate links. I must say that our core goal is to bring you real and unbiased information and at the same time keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you make the best choice for you.

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